A Community Collective for Families

Raíces y Cariño is an equitable, inclusive, and safe space for the community to gather and raise their children together. We are a hub connecting diverse families, educators, and organizations to create cross-cultural connections and wellbeing for the whole family. 

Our center is committed to equity, inclusion, and wellness for all families.

Our Values-Centered, Community Work is Focused on:

Social Activities for Children, Youth, and Families

Gatherings that bring families together to celebrate and connect. Activities like Baby Talk, Toddler Messy Play, Big Kid Slime Factory, Teen Support & Connect Groups, Parent & Me dances, Group Trips, movie nights, family karaoke, Mom support groups, Dad support groups, LGBTQ+ groups, foster parent support, and even support for grandparents, and so much more! 

Lactation/Child Nutrition 

Breast/Chest Feeding classes and ongoing support to provide your milk to your baby. But also education on bottle feeding and solids. We also have experts on child nutrition, pregnancy/nursing nutrition needs, and even support in feeding teens!  

Maternal/Natal Mental Health

Too many birthing people are struggling with the mental and emotional effects of pregnancy, birth, and loss. RC Fam is a safe space for unique, peer-led support groups, as well as licensed one-on-one therapy.  

Fatherhood Wellbeing

There are too few father-specific activities or support structures in our area. As isolated as mothers are reporting feeling, fathers are too. We provide structured support & education, as well as play groups for dads to be with their kids.  

Trauma Informed Parent Education

The greatest gift we can give our children is breaking intergenerational trauma passed from our parents and/or grandparents. Many of us are wanting to parent differently than how we parented, but we aren’t always sure how. 

RC Fam is offering parent education for all stages of your child’s life – from infancy to toddlers to teens to even adult children! 

Body Work

We have a private treatment room for professional massage, pelvic floor PT, acupuncture, etc. All services include FREE childcare on site so you can actually receive the care your body needs. 


Many LGBTQIA+ families are experiencing parenthood far differently than hetero, cis-gender families. This is a safe space to gather, to learn, and to thrive.